Who is Who

 The big players in Search Index Services, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft-Bing (former MSN), are big transnational monopolists that destroyed all competition.
The meta-search services as DuckDuckGo, SearchX, Start-Page, Ixquick and others aren't real alternatives. They just proxy the users search requests to these 3 big ones, because they have no index of all content. Although they claim to be independent and guarantee more privacy, they is no prove of this and no transparenc.

The first NSA documents that were published in November 2013 by Edward Snowden,  11 Prisma Slides,  proved the close cooperation of  Google, Yahoo (=Verizon), Microsoft, Skype (=Microsoft), YouTube (=Google), AOL (=Verizon), Facebook and Apple with the NSA, which partners  with security agencies in many countries (5 eyes+1, 9 eyes, 14 eyes).

Julian Assance (Wikileaks) revealed the direct cooperation of Google with the CIA ........
Computerworld and Reuters published Yahoos data snooping behavior and cooperation with NSA/FBI

There is no doubt, that the big Mainstream search services are motivated to take use of us instead of serve us.
The biggest of them, google, openly admitted [here, here] to rank indexed pages, conforming the neocons/CIA's request to fight the 'fake-news'.


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