Frequently Asked Questions

Why  do we need an index

An index is needed to find the distributed information on the internet

How  is this Index created

This Index is created with the open source software, made by the great YaCy.NET and Apache Lucene communities.
It is initially created with a single web-crawl and updated with daily RSS-Feed imports, if they are available

How  can it be improved

Instead of the initial web-crawl, the publishers local search index databases can be imported
This can offer more metadata, and include a more correct publishing date and update time
As it is very difficult to update the index of sources that doesn't publish rss-feeds on their websites,
a great improvement would be if the rss-feeds of these sources would be made available.

Why  should publishers create an index together

Those who produce and publishes the information should make an index to that information
Publishers can unite in some kind of cooperation for this task

How  can we create such a cooperative index

Most publishers already have an search index of their local website.
They can export it from the database en have it imported in the cooperative index

How  can we open it to the readers

There a some very good open source search services available that can do the job.
This site is using the YaCy Search Engine. For more info:

what  is a distributed search service

A distributed search service is created by enabeling access to the cooperative index on several websites and portels.
Most likely, participants implement this by publishing a search form to this index on their websites