Why this new index

Publishers and writers whose viewpoints differ from the mainstream media narrative, have difficulties to reach you.
They are refused on radio, television, printed paper and held back in the Google search algorithm.
To support them, and help you, we made an open index of their publications and a portal to search in it.
Use it as your 1st source of information, as a 2nd opinion to the mainstream narrative or as an introduction to the various alternative information sources.


Publishers on the internet never created a global index, because EInet, Altavista, Yahoo, Google, Bing and others did it.
Those companies snapped the index-data from the internet, considered this their private property,
and exploited Search Services with commercial adds and lucrativ priority deals that made them very rich.

As big companies eat the small ones, some trans-national corporations got their hold on all Mainstream Search Services.(*)
They have ideological influence, without writing or publishing anything themself
Although freedom of expression is garanteed by law, and writers can express alternative viewpoints, their publications
are hidden from the public that relie on the Mainstream Media and Search Services for their information input.

Those who control the Mainstream Media and the Internet Index, can create a distorted reality.
Unfunded accusations and fearmongering has been echoed again and again,
to achieve support for military interventions in Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, ....
...., Kosovo, Irak, Lybia, Syria, Somalia, Soudan and Jemen

When in the US, by the end of 2016, the Democratic National Convention [DNC] did everything to hinder Berny Sanders
his campaign and finally stole his primary election result in favor of their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton,
these corporate media and services again played a ugly role.

The Republican populist Donald Trump won popularity by calling them 'Fake News' and finally won the elections.

This rendered the Corperate Media in total panic, afraid that many readers would shift to the free and alternative media.
So they united and used their influence to stigmatise all dissent voices by publishing a notorious propornot list,
and hyjacking the infamous description 'Fake News'

They demanded the assistance of Facebook and Twitter to censor alternative content
and the assistence of Google to filter them from the index.(**)

This clearly infringes our right to information and should be a concern.
The nightmare described by George Orwell in his book '1984' should have warned us enough

As a rule of nature: if existing systems fail, new ones are created.

Since there are alternatives for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, .....
social media users can shift to better, community owned services
and alternative media sources can create a global index together with
a transparant search tool to exploit in on their websites.

(*) The same acquisition policy targeted the mainstream media

(**) A few month before Google's policy change, the dmoz open directory project, already assimiliated by OAL, was shut down.
See searchenginehistory.com for a history of Index & search engine technology and (commercial) services
Go to TabSheet what for information about our policy and the technology used to create the index and open it transparant to the public.